Women’s 12 different from men


Statistics say men are weaker in every sense. Suicide is more susceptible, if they die more easily after an accident or heart attack, they get psychologically more depressed.

Women live long and healthy, but they have almost no chance in many areas that are considered “men’s”. For one thing, they have difficulty listening to their words. It’s harder than in business to jump up and down.
Here are 12 differences between men and women.
1) The differences start to cradle. According to psychologists’ clinical research, while babies are wandering around, girl babies spend most of their time observing their surroundings.
2) Men’s brains weigh 200 grams more than women. Do not be happy immediately, do not have anything to do with intelligence. The brains of Einstein, Anatole France, Paul Broca were measured and weighed between 1000 and 2000 grams; as a result, the weight has no connection with the intellectual capacity.

3) Girls. He speaks earlier than men.

4) The sense of smell is even more pronounced in women (with a difference of about 20%), especially in the periods of mantrution, due to the effect of estrogen. The odd thing is that 80% of the perfume creators are male.

5) Women’s ear is sharper than men. You want evidence: A song is six times more successful than a man in a correct discourse.

6) Men between the ages of 15 and 24 are six times more deadly than women of the same age, four times as many traffic accidents, and three times more suicidal.

7) In fact, at the beginning we are all women. Sexual development of male babies begins only during the sixth week of the fetus.

8) Women do not directly explain their claims. They prefer to argue until a compromise point is found. According to research by the American linguist Deborah Tannen, men find this totally incomprehensible and endure such a dispute by finding a completely unilateral solution. Moreover, they do this by believing that what is expected of them. However, this attitude makes women crazy.

9) The hormone estrogen softens the joints. So the joints of women are much more flexible than men; especially during periods of menstruation and pregnancy.
10) Women are three times more phone calls than men and talk longer. While women spend about twenty minutes on a phone call, this is only six minutes for men.

11) Men are not as durable as they thought they were. Evidence is in the nature: Most of the pregnancies that result in death are headed by male embryos. So much so that for girls, this number is only 100, while 130 to 150 male fetuses fall and only 105 of them can come to the world. There are 98 boys to 100 girls who are 20 years old. At 65, only 40% of these men can survive.

12) Women stay at least 153 seconds in the public toilets, this time for men is 113 seconds. Here are the reasons why there are always longer queues in front of women’s toilets!



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