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Why does a man leave? How to become special for your man?

Why does a man leave? How to become special for your man?

How to communicate with your lover, that he was happy and happy, that you have him? To make him proud, what an amazing and special woman you are? So that you live happily ever after?

Why does a man leave? How to become special for your man?

Why do men leave or start an affair?

To be the only one for your man, be his friend, muse and mistress.You, as a woman, must communicate with your lover in these three guises:

I. Woman friend

What does it mean to be a female friend? What qualities should a woman friend have?

In a relationship with your man, you should behave like a friend. These are sneakers and pants. This is a willingness to help him push his car out of the garage. Sit on the bench with him and maybe have a beer, if you like. If necessary – get dirty, then wash and wash clothes, not scary.

You need to be a friend on whom he can rely, who will help, understand, prompt in business or in his career.

A friend is a friend, a real friend with whom he will go on reconnaissance.

You are that friend, don’t forget about it.

II Woman-muse

This is your second hypostasis. The woman-muse is light, airy, very feminine.

In this incarnation you are feminine and inspiring. But also thin, fragile, tender. You are the muse that admires your man. You wear romantic outfits such as a flying dress, a lace blouse, a flowing skirt, etc. You organize romantic evenings, dinner with wine by candlelight, walks under the moon and other pleasant leisure activities.

The muse appreciates the man, feels fine and pushes forward. You inspire him to act and act.

Why does a man leave? How to become special for your man?

III Woman lover

There is a lot of debauchery, sex and flirting with your man.

No matter how many times you have been together, 5 years or 7, and maybe 15, 20 … You flirt with him. Even if you are 50, and he is 60 – you flirt with him. This is “let’s go to the toilet, I’m in a fever, I want you.” You send him nasty SMS when he is at work. You put the panties in your jacket pocket.

Friend, muse and mistress, remember)

Together – here she is the perfect woman.

As a rule, a woman lacks one person, sometimes two. Men go to other women or find a second woman on the side, because their friend and muse are not his lover. Either friend and lover, but not inspiring.

Another important moment in the relationship – the atmosphere.

You create an atmosphere for a man, organize some events, leisure. You plan leisure, you make up entertainment, make it so that it relaxes, gets pleasure from the fact that you are near. This will push him to earn more and more. Create an atmosphere and organize events so that you will not be bored together.

And what is also important – how do you present your man to others

You are the main advertiser of your man. You admire him throughout your life together. Praise among other men, tell your acquaintances about him. He will see this and feel that he will be additional support for him, for which he will be grateful to you.

These rules will help you to always remain fresh and desirable for your man, whether you are at least 5 years together, at least 45. It does not matter.

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