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Who are you Princess or Maid?

Who are you: Princess or maid? Find out what is waiting for you in 5 years


We, the male coaches, among themselves have a tacit characteristic of women.

Regardless of appearance or social status, we divide the fair sex into princesses and maids.

And this division is used not only by us.

Find out right now what distinguishes the maid from the princess and how the oligarchs choose their beloved.


Any successful men who ate shit in their lives, at an unconscious level, use a cynical but very useful gradation: maidservants and princesses. Happiness, you see, we want, and not the removal of the brain on an official basis with a stamp in the passport. But, before I reveal the inner secret, I want to appeal to those girls who read these lines

I warn you

From the next paragraph you may start to spit at the monitor and call Lev Vozhevatov bad words that do not understand anything in female psychology (and how does he collect thousands of halls? An impostor!) This is your right.

But I really want you to be smarter and smarter.

Yes, I sometimes say disgusting and disgusting, and I want to resist: “It can not be that you are all so cool, you have lived not so 20 years.”

Understand. But I am, first of all, a coach. And my job is not to please you, but to ensure that my students (regardless of gender) get the result.

The result is that it didn’t just go around the baobab, smearing frog blood and coca leaves, appealing to your betrothed spirits and hoping that after that you would change on a personal one.


The result is a visible change in your daily life: you
got married, received 5 invitations for a date, you were offered and presented with a diamond ring

In order for such results to be , I give every girl simple techniques. With the help of techniques, you and a hundred more readers in the shortest possible time will begin to attract dozens of worthy men, from which you will choose one later. The best.

If you are already interested in the screen – well, from today your life will change.

Female behavior strategies

The whole strategy of a woman’s behavior consists of 2 stages.


  • 1. Attract
  • 2. Push away.

Everywhere and always: at any stage of communication, in any country, regardless of religion or religion.


The separation of women comes from these stages: the princess differs from the servant in the way she implements these two strategies.

I warn you at once: men are interested only in princesses. Only with them I want to grow, earn, reach and so on. The rest – in the garden. This means that in order to create a family with a successful one, you need to be a princess, but what to do if you do not know who it is?

You are a princess?


Of course, you now think that: well, I, of course, the princess … Fuck was there. You’re probably a maid. 80% of girls are servants. This is unrelenting statistics.

What? Already want to move away from the screen? Wait!

A little patience, validol in hand, iphone aside – let’s dive into a useful article.

And then from the daily vanilla you have your lips frozen with the letter Pu.

80% of female servants, how to become a princess?



Roughly attracts:

  • skirt – father’s tie
  • boobs – on the rollout
  • bright makeup
  • panties – from under the pants
  • African tan
  • dolchegabanovskaya stench on the half of the street
  • straziki
  • dirty greasy jokes
  • stories of their adventures
  • lots of alcohol and cigarettes
  • club bl * dst
  • familiarity and talk about sex in the first seconds

And this is an incomplete list. The maidservant has to maximally blast her body, simply because she has nothing else.

She has to roughly attract sex, because she does not know how to cling to her feminine state, nonverbalism and communication.

This is not taught or not trained. Well, it happens that way – it’s true. Someone is lucky, but someone is not. But this does not mean that you need to put up.

What do you look like when you go hunting? (I am in the good sense of the word) Depraved and vulgar or, on the contrary, sexy?

The servant girl has to open her body as openly as possible – she has nothing more

Of course, you can say that you are completely sexy, and your appearance is like that of a princess. Here are just men want from you exclusively sex.

Means what?

My congratulations! You look like a maid.
Oh, you ask how to be sexy, but not vulgar?
I tell you in detail here, but for now hide the chest back and let’s take it further.

Roughly repels:

  • twists the physiognomy in the club
  • twists the physiognomy in the restaurant
  • twists his face in traffic
  • in general, simply “twisting the physiognomy” towards any man regardless of the circumstances is her sign
  • Use coarse phrases: “hands removed, goat’s”
  • can get into an iphone in the middle of a date
  • does not pick up
  • does not respond to messages or respond, but selectively and rarely (now in social networks)
  • late for dates
  • lack of organization and disrespect for male time

What is familiar?
It’s sad. I will not give any special comments here.

Only one moment: as soon as a decent man notices at least some sign of a servant – that’s all. The maximum that you can get from him is “regular sex together.” Did you dream about it?

Conclusions in the head, snot on the fist. We go further.



Gently attracted:

  • beautiful flowing dress
  • body bends
  • healthy shiny hair
  • color of the skin
  • feminine plastic gait
  • random (or, as it were, random) poses and movements showing any part of the body
  • languid gaze
  • constant smile
  • constant good mood
  • state of joy and gratitude
  • living mimicry
  • bright reaction (remember the glamorous fools with always dissatisfied physiognomies, this is probably about you)
  • slight weakness and helplessness in places
  • ability of the first (!!!) to start a conversation
  • courteous attitude to the people around you
  • a little slow motion gestures and body plastic
  • posture

This is already called level. We, men, notice such girls already only because their units. It is valuable and rare. And, of course, this behavior is typical of a woman based on her natural role.

Gently pushes away:

  • “I am very pleased, but I have a man”
  • “Call from 17 to 18 – I can only speak at this time”
  • “I’m not comfortable if you allow, let’s end our date right now.”
  • “I do not want to mislead you, but we can only be friends”
  • “We will have an incredible night, but a little later …”
  • “I am flattered by your attention, but so late it is better not to call. Thanks for your understanding”

The case in the restaurant:

I remember sitting with a student in a restaurant: an oligarchic comrade.
Helping him find a wife. We sat down with two girls and chatted for 5 minutes. After that, one of them declares: “It is very unusual and at the same time great to meet such bright and interesting men. Thank you for being so happy. I apologize, but we just haven’t seen my girlfriend for a very long time and would like the two of us to discuss our women’s things) Well … you understand) And then we will gladly make you a company.

It was a drain. They sent us in three letters. BUT HOW! AS?

These are women! And you, honey, remember your behavior and let’s change.

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