Weight loss in 7 steps

If you want to lose 5 pounds in a week then you will need to follow an effective diet plan.It is the ideal diet for those who want to lose weight quickly in a short time with a fast and shocking diet before going on vacation.Some of those who make this diet appear to be taking a much longer diet after the program.It is not a long-term diet program. However it can motivate you for a quick start to lose weight.

A 5-pound diet in 1 week

5 pounds per week diet is real, it works. However, it should be noted that all of the weight you give will not be fat.Because, by limiting only calorie intake is not possible to burn 5 kilos of fat a week.But that doesn’t mean you can’t lose that much weight and don’t look weaker.Mostly, while losing weight from body fat, you will lose weight by losing excess water weight.

When you apply  1 pound weight loss diet in 1 week your insulin level will drop, so your body will start burning carbohydrates. This will allow the body to remove edema and water.Your body can only store about 300-500 grams of carbohydrates in a form known as glycogen, but the weight of stored glycogen in water is three times the normal.

Reduced insulin levels allow the kidneys to remove excess sodium. This ensures that the water held in the body is expelled.Melting fats and thrown water will reduce your body weight and you will be weakened quickly. At the same time, because of this diet, your weight will be slightly reduced in your intestines, and your weight will be slightly reduced (dietitians advise their clients before they start to go to the toilet when they first wake up in the morning, before they drink anything, because the actual weight of the body is the weight after excretion of urine and feces. )

How is 5 pounds given in 1 week?

1. Eat less carbohydrates and lean proteins

You can give even a few pounds by doing a low carbohydrate diet for only a few days.In fact, many studies have shown that low carbohydrate diet helps to lose weight and is quite healthy.
When you stop the carbohydrate consumption for a while, the water held in the body is discarded and the swelling decreases.
Therefore, those who start a low-carb diet will see a decrease in their weight the next morning.During low carbohydrate consumption you should take plenty of protein to accelerate your metabolism and decrease your appetite.
Try to consume or consume all starchy carbohydrate sources and sugars for a week at a minimum. Eat low-carbohydrate vegetables instead of starchy vegetables. At the same time try to consume plenty of eggs, lean meats and fish.

2. Eat fiber foods, avoid processed foods and junk food
The first rule of quick weight loss is to consume plenty of fiber foods.
Try to consume one-component simple foods for 1 week. Also avoid all processed foods.Mostly, lean proteins and low-carbohydrate vegetables eat, even if it is not very calorie, is saturated.

3. Reduce your calorie intake.
If you want to lose weight, you should spend more calories than you get. For this, you can start by reducing your daily calorie intake.If you don’t consume less calories than you spend, you can’t burn fat or lose weight.

A few simple tips to reduce calorie intake:

Count calories: pay attention to what you eat and how much you eat. Also notice how many calories you have in your diet and what foods you eat. You can use the calorie counting tool to easily follow this.

Eat only in meals: Reduce all snacks and do not eat anything after dinner.

Cut your flavor: Eliminate multi-calorie flavors and sauces.

Fill the vegetables: Fill your plate with vegetables and limit starch carbohydrate. You can add oil to your separate diet in a metered manner.

Choose lean proteins: choose less fatty protein sources such as chicken and fish.

Stay away from calorie drinks: Instead of water, zero-calorie drinks, tea or coffee. Protein shakes can be consumed by thinking like meals.

4. Try the weight, try high intensity exercises

Exercise is the best way to burn fat and get a fit appearance in a short time. Resistance training, such as weight lifting, provides a similar amount of weight loss with regular fitness exercises. It also helps you increase, strengthen and maintain your muscle mass.
Full-body resistance training is also a great way to spend your body’s carbohydrate stores, get water and weaken, and help you lose weight fast.

You can accelerate your metabolism by slowing your diet while working out, and you can also regulate your hormone level.

High-density range training is also an effective supporter of the 5-weight diet in 1 week.

Studies have shown that 5-10 minutes of high intensity exercise is five times more effective than normal exercise.

Working with weight accelerates fat burning by creating muscle. It also increases the rate of metabolism, helps to lose weight by releasing more hormones that cause fat burning.Three or four times a week, you can apply the concentrated exercise program after your normal exercise. During this exercise, rapid movements lasting more than 30 seconds should not be performed. Exercise very carefully and carefully during exercise.You can apply the following sample actions for intensive exercise. However, you can also do bike, rowing or running exercises.

Alternative: 10 x 20 second fast running with 40 second rest
Alternative: 15 x 15 seconds of fast running with 30 seconds of rest
Alternative: 7×30 seconds fast running with 60 seconds of rest
Alternative: 20 x 10 second fast running with 20 seconds of rest

5. Be Active Outside the Gym
You can increase your daily activity to burn extra calories and lose more weight.In fact, how active you are during the day you do not exercise also plays an important role in weight loss and obesity prevention (22, 23).For example, people who do a physically active job can burn 1000 calories more per day than those doing desk work. This means 90 to 120 minutes of high intensity exercise (24).Rather than riding a vehicle, walking or cycling, climbing stairs without an elevator, walking outdoors and more, and even simple home-style cleaning can help you burn a lot more calories.

6. Stay Open Intermittently
One of the most popular nutritional programs of recent times is intermittent fasting or intermittent. Intermittent Fasting does not have a diet list in this nutritional program which is known all over the world. In this process, non-caloric (unsweetened plain tea, coffee) drinks can be consumed.

This popular feeding method is very effective in fat burning and rapid weight loss This nutritional program forces you to reduce your caloric intake as it limits the amount of time you can eat during the day.There are different programs, such as 8 hours of eating, 16 hours of fasting, or 4 hours of eating and 20 hours of fasting.If you are exercising while practicing this nutrition program, it may be better to take a break and then continue.

7. Get rid of edema and water retention in your body
It can help you to remove toxins from your body, discard the water being held, and look lighter, thinner.


Consuming dandelion extract: This food supplement called dandelion extract can help to reduce water retention in your body .

Drink coffee: Coffee is a healthy source of caffeine. Scientific studies suggest that caffeine may help to burn more fat and lose more water .

Stay away from indigestible foods: eating anything that bothers you when you eat it, such as gluten or lactose, can lead to excessive water retention and swelling.

Stay away from food that you think is low.

As a result; You can lose weight quickly in a short time with a diet that is 5 kilos and 1 week in a week.

This slimming can give you the start and motivation you need to apply a more sustainable diet, even if you don’t just lose weight.

You do not have to follow all the steps mentioned above. However, the more you can apply, the better and faster you can get results.

Shock dieters, after the diet quickly lose weight that they give back.

Therefore, when you lose the 1-week 5-weight diet, you should switch to a more sustainable diet program. So you do not get back your weight and even gradually lose weight.

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