Ways to make you happy


Do you need a man to be a mass? In fact, once upon a time we were like you, but then we discovered the different directions that make life happier. You should read and do 10 of our offers that will make you happier than a man. You will see, even the pangs of separation will fly over like
Make strides with the
Come on, we all know it’s bad, but we can not keep up. It may be a lot of fun to meet up with girls and have fun with their former lovers and fame. Why are we watching Zaki magazine news? We criticize some men and we feel wonderful
Watch romantic
Lastly, there are superb developments in the Turkish series, with good performers presenting pleasant stories. We love the ‘love laftan do not understand’ sequence, you can watch a few episodes online. You can get clues from Hande Erçel’s style.

Eat a piece of chocolate
Did you eat orange bitter chocolate? Seaweed, sea salt and mischievous? Chocolate secretes the hormones of happiness in your brain and really makes you feel good. However, please take a lot of weight and feel sorry after eating too much.


Here are some great dessert recipes for you 🙂

Red lip coloring
Incredible but true: The red lipstick can make you happy right away. You can get a perfect look with dull or brilliant, clear or dark red. Taking compliments around will make you extra happy.


Drink plenty of sparkling coffee
You drink your favorite coffee every day, but how about a different kind of experience? Experience cinnamon Turkish coffee, plenty of sparkling latte or double espresso. Clarification will be good! But you have to do it carefully in a ceremony, not

Dancing on your 

We are afraid to dance in the community but you can easily do it yourself. Start dancing right now in the midyear or Latin music accompaniment! If you think that it will disturb the high volume surroundings, you can wear a headset and do it.

Be a tourist in the city
It is always good to see passengers and see new places, it gives happiness. It does not have to go too far, even being a tourist in the city makes you more happy than a man. Go to the Sultanahmet district and visit the historical sites, walk in the Gülhane Park and finally sit down and drink a cup of tea and see how good it will be to you!

Clear the bedroom
Okay, the idea of ​​cleanliness may not be very appealing, but believe me, you will feel very well after you’ve done it. People say you’re happy to sleep in clean sheets. Do not wait for your enthusiasm to move on and start clearing your bedroom immediately. You can spend your clothes over and you can forgive what you are bored of, or sell and turn them into money.

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