Top 4 Food Supplement for Getting Weight

Top 4 Food Supplement for Getting Weight

Usually people want to lose weight. But some may want to gain weight.The reason is that they can do their daily work better, look more muscular, or improve their athletic skills.

Those who say how to lose weight should do so by strengthening their muscles, in other words by increasing their muscle mass; because weight gaining muscle is more healthy than weight gain by increasing fat in the body.Nutrition and exercise are the two most important elements in muscle building. Food supplements can also help you achieve your goal by providing an extra amount of calories and proteins to your body, or by allowing you to exercise harder.

Top 4 Food Supplements to Help Increase Your Muscle Mass and Gain Weight

1. Protein
Everybody knows that protein is the building block of our muscles.

Many studies suggest that adults who take protein as well as regular exercise as food supplements gain more muscle.
On the other hand, what is important is the amount of daily protein you receive; So it doesn’t matter if the protein you buy comes from food or food supplements. Medical science circles recommend that 10 to 35% of the calories you take are proteins.

Many scientists claim that daily intake of 1.4 – 2 grams per kilogram (eg 112 to 160 grams) of protein is sufficient for active adults to make muscle.In other words, if you can get this amount of protein from healthy foods, there is no need to take additional protein supplements.In contrast, some people who are busy with their work see protein supplements as an easy way to add some more protein to their diet.

The way to determine if you have enough protein is to use websites and applications on the Internet.

It should be noted that high protein intake alone is not enough to increase muscle mass. You should be well-balanced and take the amount of calories you need daily.In fact, some research shows that high protein foods increase the feeling of satiety, which leads to less food.

2. Keratin
Keratin is one of the most studied food supplements.
This molecule is found naturally in our cells and in some foods.
When you consume keratin as a food supplement, the amount of keratin in your muscles rises above normal levels.
Keratin undertakes various functions in our body. For example, it is used in fast energy production.Many studies show that keratine can improve exercise performance and increase muscle mass in the long term.
There are several types of keratin in the market, but according to research, the safest and most effective one is keratin monohydrate.
In the first 5 to 7 days you start using keratin, it is recommended that you start taking a daily dose of 20 grams four times a day and install your body with keratin. After this first week, you can maintain your keratin level by taking 3-5 grams daily.

3. Quick Weight Lifters

You need to get more calories than you burned to get weight. On the other hand, this amount varies from person to person. Weight reduction food supplements are a wide variety of high calorie food supplements and have been put on the market for people who have difficulty in gaining weight. They make it easy for some people to get enough calories. They usually contain high amounts of carbohydrates and protein. For example, a dose of one popular brand contains 1,250 calories of energy, 250 grams of carbohydrates and 50 grams of protein. Using these supplements can easily get a lot more calories, but some people may not like the taste and consistency of these food supplement products.

Although these supplements provide convenience, the most healthy way to get more calories is to eat more. So you can get other nutrients.

4. Exercise Performance Enhancing Supplements

If you’re not exercising, almost no food supplements alone can help you to build muscle and gain weight. Some food supplements can improve your exercise performance.

Caffeine is consumed all over the world. Some people who exercise do take caffeine before their training to improve their performance.

Research shows that caffeine increases exercise performance.

For example, it can increase your power and increase the speed of your body’s power generation. These are important for weight workers, sprinters and cyclists.
Increased exercise performance results in more muscle development in the long term. However, muscle development depends on taking sufficient amounts of calories and protein.

The citrulline
Citrullin is an amino acid that is found both in foods and by our body.
One of its functions is to increase blood flow to our tissues.
Several studies suggest that this supplementation increases the volume of exercise at a time.
Long-term research has not been conducted on this subject; in the long run, however, increasing the amount of exercise done at once

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