Daıly Horoscope JAN 22ND, 2019

General Horoscope: We may feel lazy as our expectations soar today. We can be so enamored with the silver lining to a cloud that we forget about possible delays or setbacks that are looming out on the horizon. Meanwhile, a conjunction of sweet Venus and exuberant Jupiter amplifies romance and optimism. The animated Leo Moon harmonizes […]


Daily Horoscope, Feb 13 Th

 FREE HOROSCOPE CHART General Horoscope The universe is reminding us to maintain a strategic distance from abundance by setting up clear limits today. Evil Mercury frames a dynamic square with plentiful Jupiter, enticing us to transform molehills into mountains. Our inflationary reasoning is additionally invigorated by an energizing Sun-Uranus sextile that uncovers radical answers for […]

General Mind

General Horoscope We’re faced by reality today as conditions expect us to focus on reality. What circumvents comes around, and the karmic Capricorn New Moon at 9:17 pm EST is an unmistakable defining moment in a shady ocean of disarray. There’s little squirm space to recount stories or slip into dissent with six planets in […]