Mute your negative inner voice

If you feel that you cannot make any sense to your mind, if you find yourself constantly creating a new problem for yourself, if you are always worried about something instead of just sitting back and enjoying the moment, I’m afraid your negative inner voice has taken control.

1) Challenge negative internal sound

Ask yourself the following questions and write down their answers (Writing is important, as it will make it easier for you to confront your thoughts, please do not pass).

How does my inner voice speak?
What are the reasons that support this idea?
What are the reasons that support this mistake?
Which unhealthy thoughts and behaviors caused these thoughts?
What happens if I keep thinking like this?
What would be my advice to him if a friend of mine thought that way?
What conditions can I change and cannot change?
What can I do to think more positively?
In what words can I express my new healthy thoughts?

These questions that you answer by listening to your inner voice will make you realize the stress you have created. The unfavorable negative thoughts will leave their place to the justified positive thoughts. So you don’t need to be Pollyanna when you’re dealing with your negative inner voice. Just make a more realistic assessment of the situation.

2) Time to say stop internal sound

If you are unable to hear your own voice because of your negative inner voice that sabotages your feelings and behaviors; It’s time to say le STOP zaman and loud!
When you say program Stop the mind that is bombarded by negative thoughts closes like a computer program. Then you can feel your mind lighten and relax.

3) Focus on yourself less

I know it sounds ridiculous. Of course, take care of yourself, listen to yourself, take your time. But if negative thoughts are in a vicious circle that constantly and repetitively engages your mind in the past and the future, change your focus. Stay alone, be with your friends. Listen to their stories. Getting away from your own axis allows you to return to yourself with a more positive view.

4) Be Productive

You are in a continuous production. For example, when you read this article, you produce thoughts. When you spend time with someone you love communication, a project where you work, maybe, Even though it’s simple, it’s all your production. You fall to the trap of negative internal sound, when you are not producing the most. Instead of planning what will be the next step in your life, you get stuck in the latest negative event and despair. The more you do not come, the more you miss the opportunities you missed. Instead of taking control, you let weakness take over. You feel helpless and have a misfortune. I’m sure it’s not going to work all the time. There are many environmental factors that you cannot control, yes. There’s only one thing you have to remind yourself in these situations. Even if you cannot change the stress situation, it is entirely under your control how you react to it. Perhaps you may need time to accomplish this. In this process, making animations in your mind with auto-hypnosis helps you to gain practicality in case you cannot control, help you to give more cool reactions, and to deal with your negative inner voice.

5) Exercise

Work better to feel better, to look better, to eat better; Release the endorphins. So your brain will work better; your mind is engaged in movements during the exercise, you will not hear your inner voice. In addition, if you have a problem that needs to be solved that confirms your negative inner voice, the mind refreshed with exercise can produce new solutions. Therefore, involve the exercise in your daily life. Moreover, you can adopt an active lifestyle without going to the gym

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