Men can not say 9 things

There are things that each man expects from an association but can not speak clearly to the other. Here are 9 things that men can not say!


Men are expecting the most respect and respect from women in their lives. You are free to ask the men in your neighborhood and confirm the truth. Men do not say, “I expect you to respect me,” to their lovers, but that is what they expect the most. The importance of your ideas, asking them for advice before doing something, and asking how they feel, shows you respect them.


To be appreciated is as important as respecting a man. Men are fully appreciated, but only if they are made in heart. Because men distinguish sincere appreciation and complicity very well. Nevertheless, the more you are proud of them and the more you appreciate what you appreciate, the happier they are.


The most important part of a romantic relationship is friendship. Men value women’s friendship that they value. Small friendships are very important for them, such as cheering together for the team they are holding, and watching their favorite series together.


You do not have to be a beauty queen, but men attach great importance to the beauty of the women they are with. This is the source of pride for them. A little make-up, your attention to your hair will make you a beauty queen in her eyes. As long as you are well-groomed …


Do not we all want the person we are with to be friendly and friendly? It’s not much different men want. Of course, it is not always possible to laugh, but a pair of warm-looking eyes suffice to conquer men. Do not forget, do not men think every girl who smiles at them is in love with them?


Every man, without exception, likes to be encouraged and wants. It feels like a woman who constantly cheers on her from a corner as if she has always been a match. Encourage him freely whatever you think is right, but abstain. That’s all I need.


Men love to be thankful, yes, but it is very important to keep the gold rate here. You can also show a sincere thanks to him that you are already grateful for it. You can steal his heart if you take him to a nice meal or if you make him feel grateful when you turn off the air conditioning so that you are not disturbed.


Every man is more or less free. That does not mean they want to be alone. But sometimes they like to do things on their own. It does not cause you to feel guilty in such situations, but it strengthens your relationship with trying to understand it.



Just like us, men need support. It may even be a change of business in a small chess tournament or business, it is invaluable for you to see that it is supported by you. Make him feel happy to be the woman behind the successful man. Show that what is important to him is also important to you.


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