Mask for Acne Stains

It is possible to get rid of stain, black spot, sun spots and color differences with mask applications for acne spots usually seen in adolescence. Unlike the methods that most of us have tried but cannot get results, it is possible to get successful results with regular application by our method.
As you know, the color rendering of carbonate is used effectively for cleaning black spots on the skin, loss of color differences and skin spots, sun and freckle stains and acne stains. If you are looking for natural solutions for spots on the face and wondering how acne scars are passed, you can apply yogurt and carbonate mask.

What are the Effects of Yoghurt and Carbonate Mask?

The yogurt and carbonate mask is suitable for sensitive skin and other skin types other than dry skin. If your skin is dry and sensitive structure, you can observe this reaction by measuring the reaction to a small part of your skin. This way you can easily understand if your skin is allergic to the mask. Infected acne on the skin, wound, herpes and so on. people who have problems should never apply this mask.

The yogurt and carbonate mask has a natural peeling effect on the skin.
It helps to clean the dead cells in your skin and to make your skin come alive.
Refreshes the appearance of the skin by relieving the spots on the skin.
It is effective for cleaning black spots on your skin.
How often should yogurt and carbonate mask be made?

You should apply the yogurt and carbon mask once a week. May cause skin irritation in more applications.

How is Yogurt and Carbonate Mask Made?

First mix a teaspoonful of yogurt into a suitable glass bowl and add a teaspoon of slightly less than normal cup of carbonate. During mixing, yoghurt and carbonate will swell up and the cream will become whipped. Let the mixture relax for about 2 minutes after the swellings are relieved and wash your skin thoroughly with lukewarm water. Afterwards, you can apply the mask to your skin so that it does not touch the eyes around the eyes and the lips.

After application, leave the mask dry and sensitive skin for a maximum of 3 minutes; normal and mixed skin should wait 10-15 minutes. If the mask is not dry, you should wait a few more minutes. Then gently peel off the mask from your skin. You will notice that blackheads and dead cells are cleared during stripping.

Finally, you should wash your face again with warm water and wait 2 minutes and then wash your skin with normal cold water again. When you wash your skin with cold water, your pores become tighter and make your skin look younger.

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