Make your lover call you with telepathy

How to communicate by telepathy ?
Make your lover call you with telepathy! I received a request to prepare an article on this subject, and although I did not find this right, I decided to share the request. Yes, you can use telepathy to make sure that you are together, or your favorite person, or a friend, or friend, you call to leave a message for you. This situation requires some time and a little persistence that if you have not developed your ability to telepathy, this is very difficult, it will be easier for people who have developed the telepathy ability a little. However, it does not mean that individuals who have not done so in any way cannot succeed.

For such actions to be made, we should only prepare a proper suggestion. This kind of telepathy would be impossible even with a wrong suggestion. Choosing the right sentences and the people who have never done it in the right practice can achieve success with the proportional determination. There are a few ways you can do this, a few of them will try to transfer you.

First of all you need to do is to empty the mind as usual and make a calm mind to pass the mind. You should focus intensely on the person you want to contact via telepathy. Let’s take two different ways to do this first.


First method, close your eyes and focus on the whole person and visualize the person’s face by imagining by imagining . This is not a sudden come and go, so to keep your eyes constantly in front of you so to speak. Start talking to the person through your mind. Here you have to be careful to be simple, not too complicated to be suggestive of clarity, should be clear and short. In the meantime, do not contact the person with command modes and anger.

You can do this by lying down in your bed, sitting down like meditating, or in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Being in a quiet environment will bring you to success more quickly. But you can do this in any field and environment.

Another method is to use photographs instead of images. If you have a picture of the person by taking a photo of the person in the middle of the two eyebrows, you can apply this process by focusing up and down a centimeter. It’s easier than imagining, but both methods require stability and perseverance.

I would like to continue by giving you a few examples of suggestions. You can adapt these samples to yourself and choose your own suggestions. Only these are examples.

For example :

Why don’t you call me? FALSE

Never use a sentence that is as above. As I have mentioned, you should not add your anger to your suggestion. You just have to master the emotions.

I need to hear your voice. Can you just call me? Thank you. TRUE

You can try to contact with a form of suggestion. Above this is an example of this example from your own suggestion to create your own suggestion to keep much shorter than it is also useful.

After determining our message of intention, we have this conversation with the person who is in front of our eyes and we have to bring this person to our eyes. You can achieve success with this long-lasting work with a long concentration and a calm empty mind.

Another point to be noted here is the success time. You can succeed in 1 hour and this is the connection between you and your relationship. You can accomplish 1 year of dada. Many things may have changed in his life and may have closed his mind to you. This is very difficult for separated lovers, but this is much easier in the ongoing relationship. As a result of proper suggestion and good concentration, it will be effected in very short time. If you have never done telepathy, you should first develop this ability with telepathy exercises. If you are already in telepathy and are at a certain level, it will probably take you 1 hour.

Note: Even if you’re not at a level, you can do it overnight as a result of a high belief, faith, and intense insistence. You must do so sincerely and intensely, and you can do so by asking for help from the Lord in line with your continuous repetition and faith.

By improving your own method, you can achieve success in one night or a few nights. I want to pass on a real event that I witnessed. I was residing in the same house as a friend and my friend was away from the city he loved. Her loved one night had fallen asleep and had not seen her on the phone. She had an explosion of emotion with her longing and extreme longing. Like a parrot for a few hours. Please wake up, please call me ard repeated the words that serve the same purpose.

He repeated enough of me to drive me mad, intense and long. In doing so, he was looking at the picture of the person he loved over the phone and repeated it on average for about 2 hours. It was when he had an intense feeling. My friend’s phone rang between 2 and 3 in the middle of the night and the caller was the person she loved. She’d searched dozens of times, and the person she loved was quiet and her phone was silent. As soon as I turned on the phone, I had a conversation. I What is going on, what’s happened, something is happening? Uy The person awakened from sleep was confused and unaware of how he woke up. It was like he was awakened.

Using telepathy, you will see the effect when you have the necessary determination and stability. But as I have stated, the loss of ties between you will make your work more difficult. You may have forgotten that your ex-girlfriend you have not met in a few months has removed you from the axis of life, so you can accomplish this even in a very long time.

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