Make a New List in the New Year: What Not to Do?

Hello to everyone from the time of the year when preparations for the new year were made and new decisions were listed!
Is the list you prepared with excitement at the beginning of each year, become a list of guilt and frustration because of the items not made at the end of the year?
So, instead of preparing a ”I Do“ list for 2019 this year, how about preparing a ”I won’t do“ list?
Doesn’t it sound good to be happy by not making the ones in the yerine I won’t do ”list instead of feeling unhappy and feeling guilty because you didn’t do what’s on your list?

This plan is more sustainable as the stability we have maintained for years is not in the middle!
Besides, there’s always a list of things to do, now we’re not gonna do it!
Unlike the previous years, you will reach your goals (perhaps for the first time) with the list you will complete in 2019!
When preparing the I won’t do list, you should pay attention to three basic criteria.

Making selections,

1-Don’t make you feel guilty.
2- Don’t let you be productive.
3-You don’t mind emotionally.

Let’s Prepare Our List

1) I will not continue my harmful habits.
I’m smoking and not smoking this year, ranked 1st on my list. Nobody feels guilty because he quit smoking! You can read the spelling that will make it easier for you to say goodbye to your harmful habits.

2) I will not let the past control the present.
Whatever happened in the past, it’s over! Why can’t we be stuck while you can’t change anything in the past? There is a saying I like very much: an The past is a place where we learn from what happened; This is not the place we live! You have looked at the past, the present time, remember this word. And remember, now you can control your hand and focus on what you can change. If you want to change, change it now.

3) I will not poison myself with negative thoughts.
We come to life once. And we must enjoy the moment. Take control, keep your emotions and behaviors in your mind, briefly disrupt your work, silence the negative inner voice that sabotages your life! You can access my article to help you deal with your negative thoughts.

4) I will not try to please everyone.
There’s something very important you need to realize. Someone who is not happy with what you have done will surely come out! So just because people don’t break, don’t get it wrong. If you do not want people to say YES /maybe, you will be unhappy! Stop taking responsibility for others and try to please them. Say NO if you don’t want to! Not as hard as you think! If you find it hard to say no, this article is for you.

5) I will not spend time worrying about what is outside my control.

If you do your best, but the result will not change, if you are out of your control, think about it and spend your time and “Or the worst if the worst,” stop worrying. Regardless, your level of anxiety increases as long as you allow. There’s no use in disrupting the situation. Proceed to your life.
As you decide on this list that you don’t endir want to do Bu, you will actually shape what you want to do. In this way, you will have a healthier, happier and more productive year.
Finally, there will be times when you don’t have the power to stop the negative cycle, which you cannot find energy to do or not to do. There’s something I want you to remind yourself of at times like this. To be happy in a new year will be beautiful, if you have decided to change REALLY, you start TODAY! Postpone or begin? The choice is always yours!

If you read this article with pleasure, don’t forget to share it! ❤

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