Continuous Improvement ’Technique: Kaizen

To reach our goals, to realize our dreams and to improve ourselves, we make promises, make priorities or develop working methods. Kaizen is one of the most effective of these methods.

So, what is Kaizen, how is it applied?

Kaizen, in small steps, is to achieve success by achieving steady continuity. The effort and steps taken for change and development in Kaizen are so small that it is impossible to fail.

Kaizen focuses on the process, not on results. As a result of process-oriented improvement, an effective and permanent development is recorded.

Kaizen’s stages in business; determining the problem or target to be reached, solving the problem or making a simple planning to achieve the goal, the implementation of the studies for the recovery, control and measure consists of.

In addition, when Kaizen is applied in business life, all members of the organization, from workers to managers, take part in this process of improvement and improvement.

Kaizen’s main goal is to step in the home, work and in all other areas of life every day to be better than the day before.

Kaizen is based on the principle of change and betterment every day for the better.

According to Kaizen, whose main principle is to protect and improve standards, good processes have good results.

Kaizen, a philosophy and method developed against the obstacles, which we started with a great desire, excitement and energy, or to postpone what we had to do in the face of obstacles; It aims at small changes, not big changes starting with small steps.

Small steps reduce the risk of failure by eliminating the resistance of the brain to a new behavior or habit.

You can apply Kaizen from learning a new language to a project in many fields, from writing stories to studying a lesson, and creating changes without spending huge energies.

How is Kaizen applied?

Kaizen works with the, one minute or principle: every day, only 1 minute.

You’re taking the first step in achieving great success by focusing on a study that focuses on a topic you want to improve and improve for a minute. So you don’t have to feel guilty for the responsibilities you didn’t fulfill or produce excuses for not doing your jobs.

So short that you can’t prevent anything, but if you’re stable, it’s the ideal time to grow in many areas. Of course for the start :).

With the principle of 1 minute, your newly developed behavior or habit is entering your life easily and quickly. The second phase of Kaizen is to gradually increase this 1-minute period.

In this way your goal and your dreams are small; however, you can reach it with sound steps without getting tired and without getting tired.

Ask little questions,

Produce small thoughts,

take small actions,

Solve small problems.

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