How to use perfume?

How to use perfume? How to the selection Perfume ?

Perfume use, which is one of the subjects that many people should know well, is very important for one’s own health and the health of the people around him. There are many people who don’t know how to use perfume.

If the perfume is over-applied and not handled correctly, a very unpleasant odor is spread to the environment. This causes reactions such as sneezing, especially in people with allergic body. The use of perfume, 15 should be 20 cm away. The person does not squeeze the perfume directly into his body, the amount he spreads on his body spreads. So you can say that the perfume should be squeezed.

Body Cleaning

There is nobody who wants to smell perfume and smell sweat. But there are millions of people who don’t know the right body cleansing. In order to prevent bad odors from the underarm area, it is necessary to take these hairs first and then roll-on every day to prevent the smell of sweat. Roll-they should be applied to the skin that is clean and does not smell bad. Otherwise, the spread of very bad smells will be in question.

Excessive Perfume Makes You Squeeze

The purpose of the perfume is that a pleasant aroma comes lightly to the noses. This effect will be reduced if too much perfume is squeezed. Excessive perfume squeezing you away from your surroundings. Especially in the use of cheap perfume this effect is more pronounced. Nobody wants to go into human with a definite fragrance.

Perfume Tightening Phase

Eu de toilette perfume can be tightened directly to your clothes. These perfumes have a less than basic rate of alcohol.
Eu de parfum varieties can be applied to your wrists, neck and inner legs.
Perfumery products are the most permanent products. It would be appropriate to drive them 30 minutes before leaving the house.
You should not use perfume near your skin.
When choosing a perfume, you must make the appropriate choices for your skin. The perfume that suits someone may not suit you. Therefore, you should consider your own taste when finding the right color.
You can choose to use deodorant in hot weather.

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