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How to return a man if he left?

How to return a man if he left?


Hello! Do you know how to return a beloved man? About this and talk.

Many girls, thinking how to return a man (especially charismatic) make the same mistake, time after time. It consists in inventing how to talk to a man so that he does not leave.

But leaving is not just a tasteless soup on Wednesday, the 25th, or a scandal on a Saturday morning.

The care of a man is the result of regular systemic mistakes and misunderstandings of 
regular and systemic

Regular and systemic – important words in our case.

How do these shoals arise?

There are 2 options:

Or misunderstandings and conflicts arise due to small (medium) reasons. The reasons that just change.

Or conflicts arise due to complex differences, which are based on your personalities.

Well, for example.


Small (medium) reasons:

  • You are not organized and systematically late
  • Do you smoke
  • You do not follow your appearance (fat)
  • You spend more time not on a man, but on a child and the like.

The main difference and plus of small reasons: they can be solved in a relatively short time and with small efforts.

The main difference and plus of small reasons: they can be solved in a relatively short time and with small efforts.

Well, look: the habits of coming in time and spending more time with a man can be introduced in a week.

And quit smoking – you can do it in a month.

Yes, it is uncomfortable, but if we weigh priorities, the choice is obvious.

If something does not triple him, it is better to ask and stipulate: in this way a probationary period is set.

Each of the pair during the trial period corrected (or the one who was guilty) and voila: the union is preserved.

It is clear that if nothing has changed, it means that it’s not particularly desirable, and there will be a break.


  • You do not inspire a man
  • Do not create an atmosphere
  • You do not grow as a person
  • Do not have time for him, or you have steel eggs.

The reasons are much more, these are just examples.

Again, such reasons may mirror a man.

These issues are not resolved in a couple of weeks.

Yes, and sometimes a month too.

In this case, a pause is taken. For a longer period. In order to consider: do you (him) need all these changes?

Someone will ask: is it not easier to find a person for yourself?

If not simpler, then speak out the specific visible changes that the partner should see at the end of the period.


Here you have parted.

Rested from each other, simultaneously feeling how to live separately.

Understood: there are feelings or immediately let go somehow, or it was easier to breathe.

If it is not easier, but on the contrary, then work on oneself begins. Until the visible results will not be felt.

There is a more humane option: it is to go to these results together, without parting, day after day. Helping each other. Then a daily plan is prescribed. Which needs to be followed.

If permanent breakdowns, then the question arises of how to finally leave.


For example, the problem of steel eggs in a woman.

Together you have prescribed that cutting off these eggs is the calm and quiet tone of a woman’s speech towards a man. This fulfillment of requests with a smile, not hissing. This is a support for making a mistake, not a reproach.

And rushed.

Further, each item is marked daily as completed or not.

And now an important summary.


So that a man does not leave, you need to talk to him.

And negotiate. About what? What you need to change in a relationship (in yourself), how, when, etc.

Holding a man is working on yourself.

Work on yourself is not just understood, nodded and went to read a book. This is a new behavior in old circumstances.

Man, if he loves, he will change for his partner.

If, however, “I am what I am,” then get ready for cats and a strong independent woman who meets on March 8 at work or alone.

There is no desire to change for a partner – no feelings.

There is a desire to change for a partner – do this by speaking the plan with a partner and writing down the points of change.

That’s all)

Simple and understandable)

Without a voodoo doll and plots of coffee grounds.

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