How To Make Hair Care With Olive Oil

1, Olive oil as hair care product

Wash your hands with hot water, put a teaspoon of olive oil in the palm of your hand, and massage your hair with your hands and fingers gently. Not too much, brush your hair after a few minutes. You won’t believe the result you get. Because olive oil will give your hair a silky softness. Moreover, if you do not use the olive oil excessively, your hair will definitely be lubricated.
The important thing here is that a little bit of olive oil is warmed up. Whether it’s a coffee shop or a microwave. Just warm the olive oil and apply it to your hair.

How To Make Hair Care With Olive Oil

2, Hair straightener as olive oil

Some of them have natural straight hair and some of them have curly hair. If you are also curly haired, there is a simple olive oil app that will help you. Add some olive oil to a ripe avocado and crush it until it becomes mush. Apply this mixture to your hair and wait between 30 and 60 minutes. Then rinse your hair. You will be very surprised when you see your hair flattened!

If you want, as an alternative formula, you can apply two eggs to your hair by mixing them with olive oil. Do not forget to wash your hair after waiting 30 to 60 minutes. Although it doesn’t sound very easy to put eggs on the hair, the proteins and nutrients inside the egg will be extremely beneficial in improving your hair with olive oil.

How To Make Hair Care With Olive Oil

3, to prevent hair loss olive oil

As we get older, our hair naturally weakens, becomes thinner and begins to die. This process is completely irreversible, but olive oil is a natural product that slows down hair loss and thinning. Because olive oil has two vitamins very important for healthy hair: vitamin A and vitamin E. When you massage your scalp with olive oil, these vitamins help your hair continue to grow healthier.

In addition, the formation of healthy hair depends on the amount of blood flow to the scalp. Head massage made with olive oil gives the hair the necessary vitamins while hair care is done with olive oil and on the other hand it provides blood flow.

4, Olive oil to shine hair

Some have innate shiny hair. On the other hand, olive oil is the easiest and cheapest method to give the hair a more healthy look and shine. After warming the olive oil in the microwave oven, apply it to your hair, wrap a hot damp towel over your head and wait for 30 minutes.

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