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How to fall in love with a man forever

How to fall in love with a man forever

Do THIS, and the man will fall in love forever!

For a man to fall in love with you, he must see you first. Then you need to get to know him and attract. Attract femininity, appearance, interesting thoughts. Attitude towards something, it doesn’t matter.

So, get to know … Easy to say, you think. But how to do it? In our society, it is not customary for a woman to be the initiator of dating. But this is not necessary. You can make it so that he offers to meet. For this you need to be feminine, well-groomed, charming. Stand out from the crowd of gray, embittered women. Men like women who have a taste.

Follow the 3 rules:

1. The girl should be well-groomed. Make-up should not be bright, but should emphasize all the advantages and hide flaws.

2. When choosing clothes, remember that men on a subconscious level are attracted by the figure that follows the contour of the “hourglass”. Choose clothes that will emphasize this image.

3. Attract a man with body language. Move smoothly, slowly. Do not run, even if you are late. It is not feminine. Try to get out of the house earlier, so as not to rush headlong. Otherwise, the man simply decides that you are busy, in a hurry and therefore he will refuse.

He met you. Hooray?! Not yet! Do not try to stop. An acquaintance does not mean that he is yours and will be with you. Only half way to the goal.

Find out what attracts him, what he likes in women, what doesn’t. Why it does not cling to other women. Look at the man, what he lacks. Maybe he lacks affection and tenderness, or he wants support in something. To determine how to act to attract a man, know him.

Man attracted.

And so he thought that everything was great, great. The girl is already going towards, flying. He himself is going to meet. He is interested, I want to continue communication, to be with you.

And you escape, push the man away. You get cold, keep your distance. In general, you repel a man to shock him with such a counterflow.

What kind of reaction will this behavior cause? “Wow. Stop! She was already in hand. Need to turn on. And he will begin to act in order to bring you closer, to return those relationships, the communication that was. You turned on the hunter mode in men. He will start to do something.

Here you immediately turn on the competitive effect. Let the man understand, feel, see that there are other men around who also pretend to you. They are also here, and they need to be fought.

You show it. That other man gave flowers. That comrades somewhere name. A man should understand that he is not alone. You are a worthy bird. You are a sought-after woman. And around a bunch, a bunch of other men.

She went on a date with someone, no matter with whom. “Vasya, I’m sorry, I’m here …”.

Here the man begins to move, act. Around the competitors. He is already interested. You cheer harder, harder. You say: “We seem to be interested. You’re so cool. But they always somehow … “.

Cause a slight jealousy. This will be good. And at the same time, encourage, inspire. For what? In order that he committed an act. Arranged some trip. I came to your city or region. Maybe I gave some gift.

Something: action, event. The fact that he has invested some amount of energy and strength can be money. It will fix your value. And only after that get close to him.

When a man invests a lot in a woman: emotions, energy, money, resources, time, he will not easily leave. He will reason like this: “Well, like, I invested. So many things survived. So many nights did not sleep. I do not want to go to the side. I’m interested in her already. Because she also encouraged me. Nooo Cool girl. Of course, I want to communicate with her! ”.

In this way, you can win the most sought-after and interesting man.

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