How to become beautiful without makeup

The market is filled with millions of cosmetics, all the girls want to be beautiful, and cosmetics manufacturers need to earn. Many seek refuge in decorative cosmetics, makeup works wonders, especially in a professional performance. But natural beauty is much more important, everyone wants to look beautiful without makeup. These tips will help to enhance and preserve the natural beauty.

Water is the highest power

This is true, the water has all the necessary properties for cleansing the skin, intestines and other organs. Water removes all toxins from the body, with sufficient use of water you will not need funds for detoxification. Make sure that the water was always at your fingertips, drink it every hour, and very soon you will see how your skin will be transformed.

How to become beautiful without makeup

Let the skin breathe

Make-up is too heavy, if you apply it constantly, the skin will be too little time to just breathe. For the skin, breathing is important as well as for the lungs, so heavy makeup should be used for, and not for every day.


Take care of your lips

Beautiful lips are soft and healthy skin, they do not have to be covered with any color. Natural lip products based on oils make the skin soft, in the absence of pigmentation retains its natural color.

How to become beautiful without makeup


Take care of teeth

Beauty begins with a smile, and a smile shows the surrounding teeth. Make sure that your smile is bright and clean, always observe oral hygiene and do not forget to visit the dentist, even if you do not care.

Get rid of the old cells

Scrub or brush to exfoliate old skin cells — is the same necessary tool for home care, as a wash gel or moisturizer.
You need to use the scrub regularly, it can be prepared at home, for example, from oat flakes and green tea.



How to become beautiful without makeup

Don’t deprive yourself of sleep

It is believed that night sleep should last 7-8 hours, but this is an average measure. Sleep should last as long as you need, if a person has enough sleep, he will Wake up in a good mood and full of energy.

Watch the power

Healthy nutrition is not a matter of choice, but the need of the body, health and beauty of the body are inextricably linked. Diet based on natural products — fruits and vegetables, nuts and healthy vegetable oils affects the skin.


How to become beautiful without makeup


A smile makes a beautiful face with any features and peculiarities. Do not forget your smile, it’s the best makeup, it makes you more beautiful, and the people around — kinder.

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