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How painless to part with a guy

How painless to part with a guy

You are not satisfied with the relationship with your man? Do not like his attitude to you? You can not sit back. We need to do something, change the situation. How? I’ll tell you now.

I advise you to do one thing first – try to keep the relationship, if possible. Sit with a man, talk and try to find points of contact, solutions to your conflicts. If possible.

For example, he smokes or fights, does not support, or does something else that you do not like. You can discuss, say: “Vasya, come on, so as not to end the relationship, let me correct, I will wash the dishes. And you will bring money into the house, because usually this does not happen. We have breaks, conflicts. Come on, let’s solve them. ” Vasya, let’s say, says: “Ok.” And you assign a trial period, for example, a month. We talked, and look at the development of the situation.

Conversations do not help, or is this trial period broken, are there any underlying conflicts going on? Tell your boyfriend, man: “My dear, good, let’s do a re-burst with you. Break for a couple of weeks. To calm down, to understand what we want from each other, what we feel, and how to proceed. ”

How painless to part with a guy

That took two weeks break. What do you feel? If you feel that you are born again. You breathe differently, you feel good, great and cool. Many men appeared around. Nobody offends you, and everything is great – it’s time to break off relations.

If you feel pain, you feel bad that this is not just a habit, but something deeper suddenly opened unexpectedly from the depths of your soul, appeared and twisted, twisted, sausage, then you need to cross again with this man and again find some compromises. Give one more chance to your relationship. Another trial period.

This is if you felt: something incredible rose, some feelings, not just a habit, but something deeper. But if nothing appeared, if everything is normal, time has passed and lets go, you need to part with a man.

You tell him, you can somehow remotely, in a letter or call, for example: “I understand and feel that we are not holding anything back. At least me, so let’s pause for now. So far without dates, we will be for the time being separately. ”

Why say so? Because it is usually difficult for a woman to say: “We are parting.” It’s hard to say: “That’s it, period.” Therefore, it is morally easier to say: “We make such a pause for an indefinite period.” For you, this pause, perhaps forever. And, if you have enough moral strength, you say: “Everything. We part, Vasya. We are different, sorry. Such situation”.

After this conversation, after you formalize the absence of your relationship, you immediately enter into some kind of new emotional situation. What I mean is: ideally, some kind of travel, vacation, vacation, another country, a beach … It could be an event, a new job, some kind of event or series of events. Something emotional.

In no case, you can not leave yourself alone with wine, with a cat, with Ennio Morricone from the headphones on a snowy or rainy avenue, in any case. It will be hard, it will be painful, it is wrong.

You need to shift the emotional focus of attention to something else – then it will be easier, then it will be just to endure this crisis. While you are experiencing him, you can switch to some men, flirt with them, meet someone, go on dates. Why not?

We are living people, and women, and men. You, on the other hand, are already on different sides, but you can communicate. You can communicate with different men. Nothing holds you back, nothing binds you. Men do the same, so this is normal.


Try to keep your relationship, give a trial period. If you do not feel anything, everything is burned, then, in fact, we part. And after parting, you plunge into the abyss of some new emotions, people, situations.

Such an easy scheme, nothing complicated. You don’t need to invent anything, you don’t need any broths, everything is simple.

It is not necessary to pull too, there is a trial period, the second time it can also be, but it cannot be twenty-eighth times, two maximum. And you can present this to a man.

How to behave on a date with a man

What you need to do to cool to hold the first date? Let’s talk about the first date, because it is one of the most important.

The first meeting should be short

This is not three hours for hookah. This is an hour, maximum hour left light aftertaste, so you want more. If you have already been sitting for three hours, all the topics have been overpowered, there are already pauses – this is not in the cashier, this is wrong. An hour, forty minutes – great. A short date, a short meeting.


Please do not forget that during this hour, during these forty minutes of the first meeting, at least one compliment must be given to the man. It can be a compliment-story or a classic compliment, somehow. But it is necessary to do.

Because men feel this feminine energy. Either you give it away or you are closed. To reveal a compliment, a very simple thing.

How painless to part with a guy


Tell what surprised you, delighted, struck lately. For what? So that you reveal your emotionality. So that you excitedly tell how you went with friends to a circus or a zoo, or you had some kind of adventure.

When you talk with such big eyes, living the situation you were in, the man feels: “Cool, she has so much emotion, so much energy, I find it interesting. I like it”.

We, the peasants, like it. Therefore, one of the “hooks” is a story about a bright interesting event. At the same time, he will understand that your life is full of interesting moments.


The next item. Here you are already so emotional, he is already pretty high. Admire, at least once, his male achievements.

You will most likely talk about work, about success in society. Men love to tell what they did and failed. Discover yourself as such moral support: “Yes, you have captured the whole niche! Wow, you are so great! Cool, for the first time I see such a man, who managed everything, and here he did it. Great, you’re a great fellow, because it is very valuable … “

You admire his success in business, in his life. A man will feel: “Aha, cool, I am pleased, I feel good. Other women didn’t care about me, my success, but my life was my success. They talked about themselves, and this woman does not care. She admired, cool, go, earn more money. She said nice words to me, I felt cool. ”

Therefore, you open up here, admiring his achievements.


This item is also important – to be weak during the first meeting. He has to take control of the situation, into his own hands and manage the situation completely by himself. What I mean: the man opens the door of the car himself, escorts you to a restaurant, finds a place, negotiates with the waiters, turns off or turns on the air conditioning – it was cold or hot. I called the waiter for something to bring you, help, blankets …

He has to look after you. No need to do everything yourself. No, that’s enough! You are a girl. If a man has no reason to care for a woman, he will care for another woman. Therefore, you act like this: here you are lost, confused here, asked, took help from him. You do not solve anything yourself, he decides everything himself, resolves the maximum number of questions.

Let him from the very beginning, from the first seconds get used to be a man next to you. You, like a little girl, thank: “Oh, thank you very much, if it were not for you, I would not have done it.” Even if you are 50-60 and you are a cool businesswoman, it doesn’t matter. Roles must be correct, natural. Well, the rest is already on the situation.

There are, of course, themes that should not be raised with a man. There are mistakes that should not be made. But you already have some options. Remember these basic things, make them, then you will have a good date, by default.

Remember that a good date, a good meeting – when a man is already planning your next, second meeting, while you have not finished yet. He appoints some event, occasion, date, time, place and so on. This already means good, the man is fascinated. Try, go on dates, remember these things.

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