How men see women’s makeup

How men see women’s makeup

Studies have shown that men pay more attention to the painted girls. But bright makeup can cause a variety of emotions: from admiration to bewilderment.

“You like? Be honest!”This phrase is a merciless trap that men all over the world fall into. Usually it says girl after a nuclear experiment with its own identity. Answering the question, the man is in a hopeless situation. The answer is no — it’s an embrasure and a stupid sacrifice. The answer “Yes” is a lie, and you promised never to lie to each other!

To prevent quarrels and misunderstandings, you need at least approximately represent the preferences of the opposite sex. For this purpose, even special studies are conducted. During one of them, helpful: Zoosk Explanations Exactly What Makeup You Should Wear to Snag a Man Online analyzed 1,200 profiles of girls on a Dating site to understand what makeup men like.


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How men see women’s makeup



It turned out that girls with painted eyes receive 139% more messages, lipstick lovers write 119% more often, and rosy young ladies are 24% ahead of their uninvited rivals.



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This study dispelled the myth that men like girls who do not use cosmetics. Just for men natural. That is why some fashion trends can not be understood.

Black lipstick

Black color is generally not compatible with the color of the lips. A touch of drama might be nice. But here on the lips of the girl plays a performance of the drama theater troupe. Men are not very enthusiastic about such an abundance of blackness, and, frankly, we are afraid of it. Leave the style to the Goths, and ready to leave in the past.

Endless eyelashes

There is a limit to everything, and to eyelashes too. There is no rule “the more the better”. We need to stop in time.


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How men see women’s makeup

Glitter lip gloss

In other words — glitter. Sometimes they are so large that they look unnatural. It was as if the girl had just eaten coconut with a spoon. And ate very sloppy.

Smokey eyes

Men like expressive eyes, no doubt about it. And moderate Smokey ice makeup adds mystery and seductiveness. But there is a line when a fatal beauty turns into a ninja. Please stay pretty and don’t overdo it with the blackness around your eyes.

Tattoo lips

After all, there are much more gentle ways to emphasize their beauty, why resort to such extreme measures? So far, I have never heard from any man: “I am delighted with her! I can’t get away from the tattoo on her lips!»Of course, men see women’s makeup very differently. But agree on one thing: makeup is meant to enhance, not undermine a woman’s beauty.

Naturalness attracts men much more than the                         brightest and most inventive makeup.

Although there is one caveat. Natural makeup is still one of the types of make-up, and not complete lack of it.


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