How Does Cellulite Occur? What is the treatment?

Common Problem of All Women: What Are the Causes of Cellulite Formation?Why Does Cellulite Occur?Smooth skin, healthy legs and a beautiful way to get rid of cellulite on our site
In the name of all women is no place to escape from it. Especially if you don’t have a special plan of action after a certain age, it will be your nightmare. Get used to this already. Yeah, we’re talking cellulite. He’s a pain in the ass that we don’t care how overweight or how weak we are. So what exactly is this cellulite?

What is cellulite?

Excessive fat accumulation beneath our skin creates an irregular distribution with reduced blood and lymphatic circulation. This irregular fat accumulation causes the growth of fat cells and creates an orange peel appearance on the skin surface. This annoying image is called cellulite. Let’s take a look at what are the causes of cellulite, now that these image occurs, how the fats accumulate and why.

How does cellulite occur?

There can be many different causes of cellulite occurring in advanced age, often associated with misdiagnosis and a direct relationship with inactive life. If you need to examine one by one:

Bad eating habits: Excessive fatty foods, ready-to-eat foods, refined sugar, salt, fried foods, acidic beverages, alcoholic beverages, junk food, trans fats, hamburgers and similar foods play a very important role in cellulite formation. If you can, remove them completely from your life, or be careful to consume them at a minimum.

Slow metabolism: As with many issues, its slow running metabolism is also a handicap. If our metabolism is working slowly; our sleep is inefficient, our skin is dry, our fingernails are destroying and yes, and our blood circulation is slowed down means our cellulite is formed. It is imperative to take action to accelerate metabolism.
Still Life: In the city life, many of us spend most of our time sitting down. We work at the computer and we can’t think of getting out of our places for long hours. When we get up, we get up for lunch or dinner. So how many of us do regular sports? Here it is one of the common problems of all those who do not regularly exercise cellulite. Especially if you are sitting with your legs crossed all day long, you have more serious problems. Because throwing the legs on the leg is a misconduct that slows the blood circulation and opens the door to the accumulation of fat.
Not consuming enough water: We no longer accept the excuse Yeter does not come to my mind Yeter. There are a lot of applications that remind you to drink water on smartphones. Use one of these applications for 1 month and be sure to wake up and water at every warning. Then you’ll notice that you want to drink water on your own without the need for practice. Yes, water consumption stimulates your skin, accelerates your metabolism, increases your blood circulation, and helps to save you from that ugly image.

Shock diets: 5 kg 10 kg in a week, losing 20 kg in a month actually gives your body much greater damage than you think. This type of shock that can cause your immune system to collapse can be the smallest problem that your diet can lead to. It will be much smarter to make diets to regulate your eating habits and make you lose weight with a diet and diet expert.

Skin color: There is always a greater chance of cellulite formation in those with light skin color. The only thing you can do here is to keep away from eating habits and behaviors that can cause cellulite if you have a clear skin tone.

How do cellulite go, what are the ways to get rid of cellulite?

Let’s say from the beginning that cellulite is not easy to pass. Cellulite treatments, cellulite massages, cellulite creams and cellulite diets, which are mostly applied, only shrink or slightly soften the area of ​​spread. However, it is not realistic to imagine that you will be saved from them forever with a single magical move. The first answer to the question of what is good for cellulite is of course changing the diet and giving weight to the exercises. It is the most important thing that will prevent the growth of fat cells from accumulating in a certain region. Of course, at the same time to eat more fat food to stay away from an important detail. Other things you can do other than this:

1) You can prevent the accumulation of fat layer under your skin by massaging the blood flow. The cream you use during this message or orange oil will be the biggest supporter of your efforts. Even when you use these creams to massage and rub it so that the effect will increase even more.
2) Vitamin C has a reducing effect on cellulite. Vitamin C rich broccoli, cauliflower, green pepper and according to the season if you focus on fruits and vegetables will see the benefit. Foods containing vitamin C strengthen the connective tissue and prevent fat accumulation.
3) Pay attention to the abundant water consumption. If you want to drink tea instead of black tea, you will be a good supporter in your struggle to choose green tea.
4) Foods such as onions and garlic regulate blood pressure and circulation in the body. The first method of looking for herbal solutions in the treatment of cellulite may be to increase the consumption of onions and garlic. Boil the onion and drink water or swallow garlic in an empty stomach in the morning to help you get edema at the same time.

What are cellulite-fighting foods?

Soy: It supports the connective tissue with its secretion instead of estrogen hormone. Soy, meat, soybeans or other ways to consume the soy abundance would be useful.
Parsley: One of the most powerful antioxidants, parsley is the number one choice for those looking for a herbal solution for cellulite thanks to its rich vitamin C content.
Cabbage: Edema is an important player in the fight against cellulite with its expectorant effect and toxin boost.
Flaxseed: Omega-3 is rich in. It expands the vessels and accelerates blood circulation. Every day you can consume 2-3 teaspoons.
Grape seed: It blocks the enzymes that break the cologne and supports connective tissue.
Banana: Reduces blood pressure and accelerates circulation.
Eggs: It contains lecithin and plays an important role in the control of the nutrients entering the cells.
Yogurt: It prevents the absorption of fat thanks to the calcium it contains.
Lemon: Contains enough acid to eliminate the possibility of cellulite.
Tomato: contains vitamin A and E. Beautifies the skin and provides the balance of fat in the body. Supports collagen production.
Olive oil: We mentioned that massage plays an important role in the treatment of cellulite. Massaging the cellulite region with olive oil is one of the solutions.
Salmon Fish: Omega-3 relaxes the veins and relaxes blood flow. Ideal to consume 2-3 times a week.

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