How did I lose weight without dieting?

That was two years ago. I saw a miracle trying to diet. I wanted to share this with you. People sometimes learn very useful information without realizing it. I started eating the lemon peel by chance. If I knew what would happen, I’d have started before. I came across a result I did not expect after 2.5 months.

It’s been six months since we started dieting. I lost him about 10 pounds. I was getting my old eating habit with the excitement of returning to my old form. Cakes, pastries, desserts

I like tea. I couldn’t drink tea after lunch. I started putting lemon peel on tea. But I can drink like that.

The use of lemon tea was continued for 2.5 months. I was having tea with lemon and after drinking I was using lemon to eat lemon.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I weighed again 3 months later. I lost seven pounds. Without any regime. During these three months, I didn’t pay much attention to what I ate.

After some thoughts, I thought the secret was tea.

I told people around me that I discovered this by chance. I have recommended it to everyone. Most people say they work. I didn’t want to lose more. I was eating what I wanted. Of course, without too much exaggeration. I was not gaining weight with the Lemon Juice Rind.

I thought I should have improved these lime skins. When I think of doing something like this;

How did I lose weight without dieting?

Slimming with lemon peel cure
I bought 1 kilo of lemon at the market.
I cut the lemon cubes. With shells.
I filled it in a jar.
I put two glasses of water in a pot.
I added two cinnamon sticks and some cloves.
It was a great syrup.
I squeezed your syrup and filled it with a lemon jar.
I closed her mouth in a way she wasn’t breathing. I put it in the fridge.
Cinnamon syrup makes lemons last longer.
It does not deteriorate for approximately 1.5 months.
Tea time, add the lemon slices to the tea
Although I do not pay attention to what I eat after using this miracle potion, I cannot gain weight. I love to eat sweet pastries and pastries. I’m just not exaggerating. My weight’s in place. It makes me so happy. Another benefit is that it is very good for indigestion.

Maybe this has been a method before. I would recommend this method to anyone I found by chance. You can also comment on slimming with lemon.

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