Great Coconut Chocolate Balls

Great Coconut Chocolate Balls

Coconut Chocolate Balls are both very tasty and very easy to recipe! You will love the wonderful combination of coconut and chocolate!
If you are looking for a visually beautiful and delicious recipe, we have the only place to eat. Coconut Chocolate Balls are as awesome as they are so easy to make. You will love this. Enjoy your meal now 🙂
Coconut Chocolate Balls Recipe

1 package of reduced petiole biscuit

100 g butter

1/2 tea cup powdered sugar

50 g small chopped chocolate

1.5 teaspoon granule coffee

1 coffee cup milk

2 spoon topping cocoa

1 lemon or orange peel

About 150 g coconut

Coconut Chocolate Balls Preparation
Biskuvi, margarine and powdered sugar are mixed. Chocolate, granulated coffee and milk are added. Mix with cocoa and lemon or orange grated. After all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and kneaded, balls of the desired size are prepared and served by waiting 15-20 minutes in the refrigerator to find the coconut.

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