Formula of Being Happy

What is happiness?

Man’s serotonin secretion is happiness, feeling cheerful. It is even a pleasure to be with your loved ones or to have a peaceful breakfast. These happiness makes people feel good and increase their energy. Therefore, the formula of happiness is hidden in very small details.

It is a source of happiness to get to the toilet for someone who has a lot of pee. To save someone who is in a difficult situation for a benevolent person, to feed an animal on the street, to see the scientific evidence of being happy

The scientifically described formula of being happy is described as follows:

Sit close to your business,
Decrease salt, sugar, coffee, carbohydrates and spicy foods,
Smile often,
Help people,
Have at least 10 friends. Research shows that those with at least 10 friends are happier than those with less friends.
Realize the value given to you. It may be enough for you to be able to eat your favorite food and to be happy to see your loved ones.
Discover new things. You may be happy to eat a new meal or discover a new place.

Most importantly, realize what you have.
 Millions of people around the world do not possess your requirements and are deprived of many things. The formula of happiness is hidden within you, it cannot be provided by expensive gifts and high standards. Happiness is the fulfillment of the soul’s needs as in the body.

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