Diet Program to Allow You to Gain 3.5 pounds per Week

Diet Program to Allow You to Gain 3.5 pounds per Week

Would you like to lose 3.5 pounds a week?

Shortly, choosing one of the diet programs that will last for a few months is a nightmare, doesn’t it? With a seven-step weight-loss diet in just one week, we explain the secret to losing 3.5 pounds.
With this diet program, we recommend you to leave behind nightmares, hopelessness and will-battle defeats in your weight loss adventure.
3.5 kilos of pure body fat cannot be burned in just one week due to the fact that the calorie required for the burning of 1 kilo of fat remains open. Of course, this does not mean that you will not lose any oil.

In this program, the level of insulin in the body drops and water is stored with the stored carbohydrates, which causes water loss in the body.

The principle of the program is as follows:

Carbohydrate stored in the form of glycogen in the body is about 300-500 grams while in the water it is about three times, ie 1-1.5 pounds. Due to decreased insulin level, the amount of water in the body decreases when excessive amounts of sodium are released from the kidneys.

Reduced body fat and water in the digestive system with undigested nutrients and thus reduced digestion load is easy to lose weight

Noting that this effective program consists of only seven steps, we emphasize that there is no need to follow each step, but the easier it is to lose weight, the easier it can be lost. Therefore, following this diet, implementing a more planned and sustainable nutrition program will ensure that your weight is not returned. Bu

Let’s start

1) Eat less carbohydrates and more lean proteins
You can lose weight by applying a low carbohydrate diet for a few days. Short-term low carbohydrate intake reduces water and swelling in the body. So even the next day, you can see a noticeable difference in the scale.

In addition, taking high protein also increases your metabolic rate and reduces your appetite. For a week, forget about sugar with starchy foods, instead of eating low-carbohydrate vegetables and eat eggs, low-fat meat and fish.

2) Eat healthy foods and stay away from processed snacks

A diet rich in whole grains will do your job very much. These nutrients are high in fiber because of high saturation and prevent you from getting too many calories. Eat whole grain during the week, stay away from processed foods.

3) Follow the tips, reduce your calories!

Tip 1 – Weigh: Weigh the food you eat and pay attention to the measurements

Tip 2 – Eat only at the table: Decrease your snacks during the day and do not eat anything after dinner.

Tip 3 – No passage to sauces: Do not use sauces and seasonings with a high calorie.

Tip 4 – Clogged vegetables: Fill your plate with vegetables, add a little oil. Reduce starch and sugary foods as much as possible.

Tip 5 – Choose lean proteins: choose less fatty protein sources such as chicken and fish.

Tip 6 – No calorie drink: Get zero-calorie tea, coffee or mineral waters as your best friend.

Tip 7 – Result: If you want to lose 3.5 pounds in 1 week, apply the six tips in a strict manner.

4.) Lift the weight, do high intensity workout

Resistance exercises, such as weight lifting, allow you to burn calories in the same amount as regular aerobic exercises. It also helps to protect and increase your muscle mass. Lifting weights may also increase hormone levels during the diet.

High-intensity sequential exercises (HIIT) is an effective method. Studies show that 5-10 minutes of HIIT is about five times more weight loss than normal exercise and is healthy. You can HIIT three times a week after a workout or as part of a regular workout.

Here are a few HIIT protocols you can try:

Session 1: 10 × 20 seconds sprint and 40 seconds of rest

Session 2: 15 × 15 seconds sprint and 30 seconds rest

Session 3: 7 × 30 seconds sprint and 60 seconds rest

Session 4: 20 × 10 seconds sprint and 20 seconds rest

5) Sports and diet must always go together: be active

You should increase your daily activities to spend extra calories and lose weight faster. It is also important how much you are active during the day as much as exercise in weight loss and obesity prevention. So sports and diet should go together.

For example, there may be a difference of 1000 calories between a desk-top job and a job that you will be active throughout the day. This means doing a high intensity workout of about 90 to 120 minutes. Walking, cycling, climbing stairs, weight carrying, housework, cleaning, such as movements, you can burn calories outside of sports.

6) Surprise your metabolism with an intermittent fasting diet!

This step is a proposal for all healthy people. People with no health problems may prefer. The Hunger Diet means maintaining certain sections of the 24-hour diet while being hungry for specific periods.

An occasional fasting is an effective and proven way to lose weight. Restricting eating in a short period of time may reduce your caloric intake. After a 16-hour fasting period, 8-hour feeding period, a 20-hour fasting period, and 4-hour feeding zone protocols can be applied. Do not exercise in the fasting zone of this diet.

7) Follow the tips, reduce your water retention rate!

Use dandelion extract: It can help reduce water retention rate.

For coffee: Coffee is a healthy source of caffeine and has a fat-burning boosting effect.

No intolerance gate: people with intolerance such as gluten or lactose take a break from these foods. Don’t feed on food that makes you feel swollen.

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