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By following three simple rules you can fall in love with a man at first sight.

By following three simple rules you can fall in love with a man at first sight.

Many girls wonder: “I am beautiful, I dress fashionably, I wear a short skirt and a deep cleavage. But why men do not get acquainted with me. Why don’t I attract them? ”

Now I will tell you 3 chips, using which, you will attract and interest a man at first sight.

A man in the first second is attracted not to the butt, not to the legs, not to the chest. Although it is very important.

The first beats the image.

The image is the line that goes along the edge of your figure, its outline.

And this particular image. Not a melon, not an inverted pyramid. This is the image that men draw when they say: “What a cool girl has passed!”

Chip number 1. Hourglass image.

Good clothes for girls are clothes that emphasize the hourglass line, silhouette.

I understand that all girls are different. There is a woman pear, a woman apple, a woman watermelon (and she needs to go to the gym), there is a woman carrot and so on. Many different types of figures, but the versatile, most strongly beating type for a man is an hourglass. It happened.

Chest, waist, wide hips. It clings, it is interesting, sexy. This silhouette attracts.

Therefore, when trying on clothes in the store, first of all, see how well the hourglass image is. It is important.

Pants do not fit into this image. There is a very subtle point here: the more feminine a girl looks, the more courageous a man she attracts.

This is a rule of nature. Accordingly, a woman should apparently differ as much as possible from men. Even if you walk your back, or men are looking at you from the side. On the street fog, rain, snow or hail.

In any situation, you should see a woman in you at first sight. A man should not think for a second to establish your gender.

Most girls in central cities dress like men: trousers, jeans, sweaters, hair pulled in a ponytail.

There is such a girl, and it is not clear: whether a guy, or a girl, woman or man. Adult women by the age of forty also love to dress like that, explaining: “I feel so comfortable.”

So it should not be.

If you want to attract an interesting, cool man, you should be as different as possible from a man.

Wear clothes that a man cannot wear. This dress, blouse, skirt that no man will wear. Shoes with high heels: sandals, shoes or winter boots. Hit the target right away.

Rule number 2. The color of clothes that will attract his attention

We used to buy gray, brown, green things, black shoes and sweaters as children because it was practical. They can be washed less often. On the one hand, this is logical, but on the other hand, it kills attractiveness. Therefore, I recommend dressing in bright, saturated colors.

Saturated blue, green.

Gray, worn, shabby color of clothes – it does not attract.

A brutal man on the background of cowboy plots – it can be still sexy, but only for a man. When he has worn jeans, and he is slightly dirty, tired, sloppy, with bristles.

But a woman should bloom, smell and attract. It should be a bright flower. The brighter the better. Therefore, the fabric for your clothes should be juicy colors.

By the way, there is such a thing: usually more expensive fabrics have more juicy tones. Pale, faded fabrics are usually cheaper raw materials.

Therefore, choose bright, juicy colors of blouses, sweaters, dresses. In parallel, this will show that clothes are expensive.

Juicy colors – this is very important.

Rule number 3. Sexuality in clothes will interest a man

Many women dress like an attractive, but when you look at them, you know that something is missing.

The masculine look is rather primitive.

After the man has estimated a silhouette, he needs to be hooked by a look for any part of your body.

I recommend to remember what part of your body is the sexiest in the eyes of fans, suitor, men. We are not interested in the opinion of the girlfriend. We need to remember what men were saying. Maybe in frank conversations, maybe after sex. This will be a more objective reality.

You need to choose one of the most attractive part of the body and emphasize.

You can emphasize in different ways. You can select a part of the body with some kind of trinket, butterfly, pattern, or dresses, sweaters with interesting details in pleasant places.

Can obtyanut. If it is legs, shoulders, arms, back, you can bare.

Any clothes, including the top, should be of rich colors, emphasize or shape the image of an hourglass and highlight beautiful legs.

This is what will surely attract male looks and cling.

A very interesting and practical thing is a belt. The belt allows you to tighten the waist and form the silhouette of an hourglass.

If you have beautiful breasts, allow yourself clothes with an open neckline.

Who is difficult with the opening of the chest, I recommend a variety of dummy, interesting blouses, blouses. Everything is bright, perhaps polka-dotted.

For adult girls, this is relevant because, for some reason, they believe that life is over. They think if they are 45, 50, then they are grandmothers. And they begin to wear grandmother’s clothes, some monstrous gray shawls, clothes made from fabrics of black, gray colors. Awful.

Real ladies at 45-50 look very juicy and bright. Remember Jennifer Lopez. She is 45 years old. Monica Bellucci is over 50. And they look gorgeous. They have bright and attractive outfits. Jolie – 43 years old, and looks great.

If you choose these three rules when choosing clothes, men will not be able to pass by without noticing you.

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