Benefits Garlic

It has been determined that garlic is very effective for cardiovascular health in most of the studies done in the form of powder, oil or extract.
This means that the natural state of garlic is also very important for our health. Cholesterol was also observed to decrease by 7% to 8% with garlic.
There is also a substance named alojene for garlic. This substance prevents blood clotting and prevents flocculation.
In addition, because there is plenty of vitamin B6 in the homocysteine ​​by reducing the level of damage to the vessels prevents.

Another known feature of garlic is that it is a blood thinner. This makes blood circulation easier and helps your blood pressure stay normal.

Also known for its anti-bacterial properties, garlic is also used for therapeutic purposes. If you have a bacterium or virus-related disease, you can recover more quickly by consuming garlic. It helps in healing by using garlic powder even in some antibiotic-resistant bacterial diseases.

But garlic alone is not effective. It only increases the body’s response to diseases and strengthens the protection mechanism.

Some studies have shown that garlic is very effective in preventing cancer. It has been observed that the risk of various cancers such as raw or undercooked garlic colon and gastric cancer is significantly reduced. According to studies on cancer cell formation, it is known that garlic reduces the risk of cancer by up to 30%.

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