A guide to getting men according to zodiac signs

There is a well-known definition. “The path to the heart of men passes through the mids”. But this prescription is not valid for today’s men. Astrology has a separate method of entering the heart for every bastard man. Yes, ladies are giving the astrological secrets of influencing the opposite sex.

An athletic and attractive man. The most obvious feature is the impatient and impatient. Achieving and succeeding in the things he aims for is the most important thing in his life.
Achieving a coach who is extremely ambitious, dynamic and charming is also very difficult to keep his interest constantly.You should not expect a romantic love affair from Koç, who acts with much discernment from his emotions, and you should not act like that. She does not like the aggressive women, but likes little rebellions and shortly.If you want to get it, always keep your curiosity awake. Be like an unread book. Also take care to look healthy, strong, dynamic and natural to get full marks from Dynamic Coach. It’s yours now!


The most important condition that TAURUS man is looking for in a woman is beauty, pleasure and care. It attaches great importance to material values. Taurus is a very good and loyal lover who likes to lick like a cat when you hear sweet words.
One of the worst features is that it is so fond of the throat that it can eat even in bed. Taurus, who is usually calm and carries on a regular basis in the framework of his own business rules, is not easily angry. But when it is involved and criticized, the terrible face of the nose burns out. Silly women are not at all against him. Do not expect him to struggle to get you. Because he chases after my chief, he chooses to welcome his followers in a very hospitable way at home.


It is often easy to get twins who are variable, overhead and unstable men. But earning respect and interest is very difficult. Because she likes women who can make good use of intellectual, mind, and logic. Although she does not want to know that she has a woman, she feels that she has absolute authority over her.
Always be limited when talking about yourself. If you can succeed in being a sister, friend, mistress, lover and mother when you need a Gemini man who hates loneliness, you can get him.
But already you are used to sharing it with others and not being jealous. Because this man who is not faithful never knows jealousy at the same time.


If you want to reach the retaining and fragile crab man, you must first conquer the heart of his mother. Because he is a real mother-in-law. He is also very passionate about his home, and sometimes he can be meticulous in his illness.
You must approach Crazy, a passive man, unattended and show love and provoke him with lace and velvety. When you enter an association, be extremely loyal and honest. So you do not need to be jealous of him. But you have to convince him of honesty in order for the extremely fragile Cancer man to trust you. Remember, I like women who are sensual, bebexic and tiny.


Mert is known for his generous generosity of lion man, who has endless pleasure from the praise. It always gives much importance to material values. Persuasion ability is very strong. He will show all his tricks to influence the other side. And one of the things you need to be most careful of is role ability. He will always try to fool you and get you.
Pretend to give him what I want. Kiss him, caress him, show him extraordinary love, but do not accept that you are in love. So he will be in constant need to get you, which will give you value. Always be flashy and dizzy, then it will freak out for you.



Here is a man far from emotion, fearful of love. Virgo  is passive, naive men who are afraid to share with other people.
You can understand the ins and outs of critics that I like and dislike a virgin.

Love is in the middle of the ocean. These bastard men, who find it as eerie as being caught in a storm, are far from romantic. Interestingly, you can impress him with priceless gifts. If you are a clean, stylish and regular woman, you will not pay too much for a Virgo man together! And you can win your love. If you can rely on its endless illness and sullenness, you can live with the dream of days to show love.


Admitting to be with the most gentle, surprising, cunning man of the zodiac, you are already assuming a passive role
Required. The libra man enjoys being proud and proud to be an extremely polite, elegant, stylish and magical ambiance. I know my rules well and  If you apply it, your physique is your prettiest for him! Loses. Your faithfulness will want to be with you as long as you are sure of it. You must be graceful, quiet and beautiful to get it. Libra men do not like women with strong, aggressive, dominant characters. They prefer to be with women who speak little, approve of it with their actions and words



Scorpio man is very energetic and powerful in every direction. The aggressor can be sadistic, careless and inconsiderate. Sometimes she does not talk at all, but sometimes she is a loving lover. If you want to get a Scorpio man whose sexual performance is always at its peak, you need to be a well-groomed, sensual, obedient and loyal woman. It’s hard to be with her because she’s so jealous. You can draw your attention to your creativity, your understanding work, and your interest.


Forewarned, open-minded, witty, and sincere affectionate, the man of Sagittarius can disappear from the center, where he shows a lot of interest. Because he is very passionate about your privacy. If you want to get it, do not make it feel like you are approaching it with a serious purpose, and do not question it in a questioning manner. Make it friends first, share your troubles, your pleasures. Remember, most importantly, you have to be eye-catching, splendid, vibrant and mobile. Make sure that you will not strictly restrict your freedom. If you can do all of this, you can get a chance to be with this cheerful man.


Just as symbolic, stubborn, constantly planning, conscientiously responsible is a very powerful man. He loves his money, concentrating all his attention on this subject when he spends. He likes to talk long, talk lecture. If you want to get a Capricorn man, first you have to be admonished to listen to him admirably and to talk money as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning. The most important characteristic of a Capricorn man is that he is frugal and economical. The biggest nightmare of this man who is afraid of responsibility is marriage. Holder, loving, lady


It is a man and an impressive lover who are integrated in his mind and wisdom. But if you do not like a Aquarius man, you have to be very careful. Because he is very fond of freedom and wants to change places constantly. He is delighted with everything he gets by using his mind. So you must learn to hide your emotions first to be able to get it. You need to make sure he’s looking into you, wondering. But if you can not figure it out, start moving away. Another characteristic of the Aquarian man who hates lies is his exaggerated self-gratification. Difficult to be dependent on a person.


Here is the real Kazanova! … A generous lover, a dreamer who lives in the peaks of romance every moment. If you want to experience dreams you can not dream of, you are worthy of trying to get it. As a highly sensitive man, Pisces can be an irresistible person because of all his good qualities as well as his passions and passions. If you want to get it, you will always show interest and love, you should often say what you love, thank you for love, you should understand the outsiders. Because the romantic and double-character fish are very worried. After they slip away from your hand. Oh, uh …


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