80’S 2 king Prince And Michael Jackson

Of course, Michael Jackson is ahead, but we still have the similarity and difference to compare the two names.
Both of them and raised in the midwest region of usa
They also came from black families. michael jackson born in indiana
prince was born in minnesota. the two states are also known to have experienced a collapse when the heavy industry hosted the heavy industry and the heavy industry began to be absorbed into Asia.
Both of them understand early age that only beautiful sounds and songs are not enough to influence societies
in relation to this, she gave importance to stage shows, costumes, make-up, light shows and dances. both are pioneers in this field.


Michael jackson has made more pop, but the prince has entered some different areas (funk, rock, r & b)

Both of them left us at an early age

michael jackson was more popular and sold around 300 million albums, and the prince sold about 100 million albums.

instrument dominance differed

michael jackson could play keyboard, guitar and drums at the start, but none of them could play expertly. Although it was already good at producing the lyrics and the rhythm, it wasn’t much of a note. The prince was quite good at playing the instrument and could play 27 different instruments. he was particularly proficient at string instruments.

Michale Jackson

Sound ranges

Michael Jackson had a vocal width of 4.5 octaves. The prince also had a vocal width of 5 octaves. By the way there was only a difference of half an octave.

Was it their song?

michael jackson was singing the songs he wrote himself. prince was writing songs to other artists besides his own songs. for example, he wrote some songs of madonna prince.

Madonna and Prince.

Prince had an obsessive personality to write songs
The album had a total of 39 studio albums, including concert recordings, and in an interview with him in 2015, he said, “I don’t know if I have enough songs to record them all.” he was working on a new song almost every day. more than 50 clips were recorded, but not yet published, when the Prince died. michael jackson was more calm in this regard and did not have an obsession like i should constantly produce.

Both have redefined pop culture of the eighties and brought pop music to today
they both redefined the whites by transforming the whites into a nigger in a type of music where the whites came forward …

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