7 Steps to Perfect Makeup

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to beauty is a perfect make-up. Makeup is a force that changes our look and motivates us almost. Because the feeling of being beautiful for women has always been. Every woman has beauty secrets. But there are some secrets of beauty that I wish you had known before.

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Here are some beauty secrets that will make your life easier and guide you;

7 Steps to Perfect Makeup

Refresh your makeup instead of renewing

The make-up in the morning does not maintain its effectiveness throughout the day. In this case, instead of just wrapping the makeup remover, press a napkin with a circular motion to absorb excess fat accumulated in the skin or apply a lightweight tonic on your face as a very thin layer and dry it with a napkin. Then go over your skin with powder. This will make your makeup look fresh.

Choose a fondoten with the same color as your skin tone

The key to a good skin makeup is hidden in the fondotten choice. From this point of view, you have to make the right choices when choosing fondoten. Your preferred fondoten must match your skin color, as well as match your skin tone. A fondoten darker than your skin tone does not fit with the other sides of your skin, creating an unnatural ugly image.

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Lightly touch your hand while applying the powder

Powder makeup fixes and closes flaws, making it an indispensable make-up. Naturally, with the correct methods to apply with the application of the te fold coat of applied powder loses its function and creates a dull and opaque image in contrast to the radiance of the skin. In this case, you can stop using puffs or sponges to expose the natural glow of your skin and choose a soft brush.

Lip care

Lip care has a striking effect on a perfect makeup. Your lipstick looks perfect. There is no need to use special peeling or expensive creams. All you have to do is mix some granulated sugar and the same amount of olive oil and apply with a gentle touch to your lips and wipe. That’s it, it’s that simple. In the next step you can be sure that your lipstick will make velvet effect on your lips.

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Make your lipstick permanent

If you do not want your lipstick to be removed immediately and if you want to make your lipstick permanent, take a thin napkin to your lips and pass it over with a fixative powder. This application will also prevent your lipstick from infecting your teeth.

7 Steps to Perfect Makeup

Tailed eyeliner possible

An eyeliner is an important element for a perfect make-up, making eyes instantly visible and affecting the look. Every woman’s eye structure is different and the eyeliner method applied accordingly may be different. At this point it is important to do plenty of practice and find the method that is easiest to you. To capture a perfect eyeliner appearance you need to do; Pull the eyelash line up to the tip of your eyebrow and pull the tape from the area to the region. Then draw your line with the eyeliner you will use and remove the tape. Here is a perfect eyeliner application so easy.

Pay attention to the redundancy of your Mascar

If you want your eyelashes to appear as natural as black, long and plump, it is necessary to take the excess of your mascara. It is recommended that you wipe the brush several times with the help of a napkin before applying the mascara, as excess accumulation in your mascara brush will cause lumps.

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