5 tips to stay in shape between the two parties

Between Christmas and New Year festivities, it is important to take care of yourself. At this time of the year when you do more fat, sugar and alcohol, here are some simple rules to fully enjoy the festive season

1 Take care of your belly

Headaches and stomach pains often punctuate the day after a holiday. Paracetamol and lemon juic
It is also advisable to drink a lot of water rich in minerals and bicarbonates to counterbalance the desiccating effect of alcohol and avoid the hangover e

2 Focus on green vegetables

Between two Eve, nothing is used to starve. Favor the fibers contained in green vegetables and broths, and lean proteins such as fish or white meat. On the other hand, coffee, sugar, alcohol and fat will be eliminated, and we will pass on the remains of the day before.

3 Play sports

In the morning, you have to move! To wake up endorphins, stimulate the cardiovascular system and burn calories, you can practice walking or cycling, especially if you go back to your place of work. If you are on vacation, take the opportunity to practice a little more your favorite sport or a nice winter activity.

4 Sense without feeling guilty

The body needs more energy to digest pantagruelic feast meals. It is therefore good to give him rest. The nap is the unstoppable remedy to hold up. Even in the office, you can find 20 minutes to take a break.

5 Manage stress

To properly oxygenate your body and avoid having the mine crumpled, think of the ventral breathing. By putting this exercise in place, you will recover energy while massaging your intestines: inhale through the nose while inflating the belly. Neutral chest. Exhale leaving the stomach back. Repeat 4 times. Take a break. Inhale by inflating the belly on 3 times, exhale through the mouth counting 6 times. On the exhalation, focus on the movement of the belly that will seek the spine. Repeat 4 times.

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