13 ways to beat the Monday syndrome

There are a few things you need to know about Monday syndrome.
According to research conducted on the employees, most of the employees are not smiling until 11am on Mondays. What we call Monday syndrome can be continued on Tuesdays, the study said that the highest suicide cases in Japan is Monday.
Fortunately, we have a plan.

1.) Do not live for weekends.

Those who work under stress were observed on weekends with much more happiness. The reason for this is to see some activities to be done at the end of the week at the end of the week as a reward. Then it is possible to change it. Fit small activities during the week and get new rewards. On Wednesday, for example, a friend of mine would say a little Saturday for Wednesday and it would have been an activity. Try.

2) Take time to rest on the weekend

You don’t have to go out every Friday and Saturday until morning. This will disrupt the sleep balance of your body as well as disrupt your habit of using the right time. Take a night out and try to spend the night in a quieter house. Or plan something near your house.

3) Don’t sleep much at the weekend

Are you waiting to be asleep and full of energy until noon? Try to follow the same sleep pattern throughout the week. Even when you’re late, try waking up at the time you normally wake up.

4) Make Sunday preparations for Monday days

Decide on Sunday night the things that will put you in stress when you don’t have the idea of ​​what to wear in the morning, maybe even what to eat for lunch. Look, this is the most important.

5) Monday to get your sleep intact.

After a few days of vacation, you will start a whole week. For this, 7 hours of sleep is useful. I can congratulate you on your short-term sleep. However, if you want a Monday without the title of the manuscript and a non-syndicated Monday, start taking a good sleep next week. Point.

6) Never without breakfast.

Do not double your stress by working on an empty stomach in the morning. With a nice, light breakfast, you start the day like a bomb. There are only a few things in the world that are more beautiful than breakfast. 🙂

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7) Do not neglect the music.

Before you do a good job, turn on a music that will boost your mode. The joy.

8) A sweet sport?

Exercise is not a mystery in which your endorphin levels increase. Try to start the day with light programs you can do every 4-5 minutes a day.

9) Be well-groomed

New dresses, new week. Try to be stylish on Monday. You even prefer the red color to upgrade your energy. As your self-confidence increases, your syndrome vanishes. 🙂

10) Smile.

When you take a shower, when you wake up in the morning, smile to your wife, your lover, your parents, smile to the bar where you get coffee from , smile to the beautiful person who gave you the way.

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11) Get the Monday award day.

Eat today that will spoil your diet, buy some chocolate right today, lunch online.

12) Give small breaks throughout the day.

It would be very useful to give small breaks to work. This can be a tea – coffee break, a 30 minute walk can be thrown in the pool or in the gym if you are a lucky plaza employee. If you have nothing, you can take a book with you. How many people do you read poetry? For those who cannot make a book selection, you can reach a list prepared before.

13) Re-analyze why you have a syndrome

If, despite all of this, you still have the syndrome, then you may not have the problem, it may be your problem. Then take a look at Career.

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