10 steps for those who are forced to say no

Everyone wants to be harmonious, kind and loved, this is normal.
However, this request, in people who can not say etme no , turns into an effort to please other people. As such, when they say no inde they feel uneasy and unhappy; no, it is very difficult.
When you say iyor No “you feel uneasy and unhappy; Are you having a hard time saying no?
If these feelings are familiar to you, you are also from the No Saying Club. But if you still can’t be sure, read the following conditions. If many of you are telling you, you are no doubt a great member of the club!
Staying away from clashing.
Hating to turn people down, to hate them.
Feeling responsible for others’ happiness.
To work with incompatible people.
Say yes to what he doesn’t want to do.
If you want to say no, you have to say yes.
Feeling guilty when you say no.
It doesn’t matter when you’re asked.
What causes this situation?
Having to do things that nobody wants to do.
Live stress, fatigue and other health problems.
Passive-aggressive behavior.
Can’t find time to devote to yourself.
Those who cannot say adım no değiştirmek, do you want to change this habit through 10 steps in your life?

1) One word no

At the moment ”, ere I don’t think“, ”I’m not sure“, ”Can be“, ”Next time” not just NO! No powerful word alone!

2) Practice!

“No, no, no, bir trying to say bu yes” involuntarily, in response, it turns into an automatic habit. Using the technique of auto-hypnosis, you can imagine situations you call so you can have the word lose its power. In this way, when you really meet the situation that you need to say no and you can feel comfortable and “no” you can say.

3) Do not apologize!

Do not apologize for saying in No “. Don’t make an extra statement. Remember, you don’t need permission to say “no”!

4) Be Clear!

Being clear reminds you that you have control. Look at the other’s eyes, don’t hum and don’t mumble. Say in No “!

5) Do not get into the herd psychology.

Don’t feel obliged to say ”yes i to everybody because zor yes“ is something you don’t want! You’re not going to jump because everyone jumps off a cliff!

6) Do not delay!

If you are certain that you will say in No if you don’t have another answer, don’t ”let me think about that“ and don’t make him wait.

7) Give yourself time.

Contrary to the previous step, if you are not sure of the answer, ask for time to think. Instead of saying. Yes im without thinking, you can say “let me think a little düşün.

8) Use your right to decline.

If people have the right to ask questions in line with their wishes, you have the right to reject these requests. Remember, when you say no ist you do not reject the person, you refuse what you are asked to do.

9) Do not try to please people.

Most of the time you can not refuse requests, people do not want to have negative thoughts about you. But what you need to know is that no matter how gentle and thoughtful you are, some people will feel negative about you. So stop worrying about what “people think about me” and say “no”.

10) Find an alternative: “Not possible”

If you use these two magic words to say şey no başka, you will be understood to be sufficiently determined and you will not have to say anything else.

An effective alternative to charity: “Not possible. Hayır
Saying no or revealing your clear attitude does not make you a disliked person. Or after that you don’t need to say “no” to everything. This allows you to choose from what you have done and what you have not done. It allows you to give priority to others, not to the priority. Thus, while your relationships become more transparent and honest, your self-confidence increases.
As you follow these steps, when you say siz no Bu you will be surprised to see that most people accept. You’ll notice how some people have already taken advantage of your inability to say fark no Bazı and manipulated you.
Come on, then start saying no!

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