10 Great tips for new beginnings and real changes

The new year will begin soon after. We have prepared some suggestions for the new year which is a perfect opportunity to realize our dreams and goals. You can share your recommendations with all your followers with your comments.


You can start preparing for the new year by creating a list of what kind of changes you want to make in your life.
You can add your habits that affect you negatively, the automatic reactions you give to events and situations, and the features that you are unhappy with. You don’t have to complete the list at once, and you can add a large number of items that you notice or notice in days.
Remember, being aware is the most important step in changing many situations.
After completing your list, you can specify what you can do about each item.


When starting the new year, decisions such as quitting smoking, exercising more, losing weight and becoming a better person are taken. However, most are often forgotten before the end of January.

Please note that in order to achieve your decisions or goals, they can be realized in a realistic, measurable, attainable and specific time frame.

In order to implement your decisions, you can try to make a program by setting your short and long term goals clearly.


Sometimes we can be more ruthless judges than others. However, we can ignore the facts that we might be saddened at some time.

In order to make fundamental changes in our lives and in ourselves, we must be honest with ourselves about all matters and everyone in our lives.

Firstly; You can identify situations, events, habits, and persons who disrupt your physical, mental or psychological health and harm you. So you can discover things that are really important and valuable to you.


In order to develop yourself and have the life you want, you must confront them instead of avoiding your fears or worries.

You shouldn’t forget that vast seas and flower fields are often hidden behind a mist. Sometimes a step can pave the way for beauty you haven’t seen before.

When you gather your courage and face your fears, you can see your potential, your limits and what you can do more clearly.


Whether it’s a list of your future goals and an action plan as well as a diary or agenda to record your progress and achievements while starting the new year.

This way you can clearly see what you have accomplished over time, in which areas you have changed and how you have improved yourself. This organizer / diary can turn into a motivation tool after a while.


After you have listed your new year goals and requests, be sure to check back again. You will notice that some substances support each other or are interconnected.

For example, if you have two items, such as acquiring a new hobby and getting to know new people, you can do both with the decision to start a new course.


In the new year or at any other time, we must admit that it is not possible to focus on many goals at the same time.
When preparing a list of your dreams, your goals and the topics you want to change, you should make sure that they are realistic and accessible. You should also calculate the approximate amount of time each item takes.
Once you have prepared your list, you can prepare a flexible program by dividing the year into specific periods, or try to move on to another item after progress in one item. This way, you can progress to your goals in time but with firm steps.

You can also try Kaizen Technique, which is one of the most effective methods in the world, to reach your goals, improve yourself in a field or gain a habit.


This year, if you haven’t yet, discover ways to motivate yourself. Although an external igniter may motivate you for a while, it cannot give you the strength to go to the end of the road.


Not just a New Year’s decision, but the decision of each moment: Protect and improve your health!

You should remember that you need to be healthy to raise your quality of life, to have dreams without borders and to have the power to do better.


Change starting today
New habits, new things to learn or change the way of life can not be done in a moment. You can start a change today to make the decisions you take faster.

In this way, you can enter the new year closer to the life you want and as a person closer to the person you want to be. Postponing is one of the main reasons for giving up and not moving forward.

Yes, a new year begins. But remember that; every day, every moment is new.

We wish to have a healthy, peaceful, happy and smiling year huzurlu

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